"Next year is the tenth anniversary of the London Classic Theatre company and their future will be guaranteed for many more years if they continue to produce quality shows such as The Beauty Queen of Leenane. This four-hander is a gem and beautifully directed by Michael Cabot. Carole Dance as Mag Folan and Alice Selwyn as Maureen Folan are simply electrifying and their exchanges, both verbally and visually, help to make this a memorable production."
John Hannam - The Stage

"Martin McDonagh’s play powerfully evokes the closed rural community of Ireland in the late 1980s with all its lingering prejudices and ignorance, touching delicately on the conflicts of patriotism and pragmatism, being shot through with the wry humour of its inhabitants. Given Michael Cabot's finely crafted production for London Classic Theatre, it makes a comic, macabre and, ultimately, deeply disturbing evening."
Jan Pick - Reviewsgate

"A mix of the melodramatic and the macabre, the play grips you not particularly with shock at what is enfolding but a sense of an absorbing slowly paced tragedy in amongst the uncomfortable laughs. As they come out for their final bow, I had forgotten there were just four parts, and four players, in this beautifully realised production. Over two hours bursting with emotion; equal parts hope and despair and just the four on the stage at the end. They weren’t exactly beaming. Selwyn and Dance must have been exhausted. But it wasn’t difficult to detect a certain satisfaction at doing justice to a superb play."
Sophie Charara - WhatsOnStage

"This is the play that launched McDonagh’s remarkable career just over ten years ago and is still a gripping experience. London Classic Theatre has also survived ten years, without subsidy or sponsorship, and established a highly creditable reputation for touring drama around the UK. In reviving this classic, Michael Cabot, LCT’s founder and Artistic Director, revels in the darkest comedy. There are plenty of laughs and a lot of heartbreak."
Philip Radcliffe - Manchester Evening News

"A good Landmark audience had a particular treat with The Beauty Queen of Leenane. Martin McDonagh's play is at once tragic and full of laughter. This was hard hitting but gripping and compelling storytelling - a harrowing but worthwhile experience. Make sure you catch London Classic Theatre if they come this way again - you're sure of seeing drama that will stay with you for a long time."
Jo Wood - North Devon Journal

"London Classic Theatre have built up a formidable reputation for touring productions that take the stifling claustrophobia of family relationships to levels of white hot intensity. They don't come much more claustrophobic than Martin McDonagh's mother and daughter trapped in their small Irish cottage. Paddy Glynn's Mag is a frightening portrait of malice and malignancy, her face either grimly deadpan or wickedly gleeful. Connie Walker's Maureen makes you weep for her trapped soul, until you realise just what she is capable of. Brendan Fleming's Pato is a beautifully realised portrait of a straightforward man who wants to give love but who has no conception of the battlefield he has strayed into. Alan DeVally is equally good as the naïve young man who loves Australian soaps and is a bit of a fantasist. This outstanding production has the full measure of McDonagh's richly formal Irish dialogue as well as his blackly comic humour. But it's the acting that will be remembered. The two men give excellent, superbly nuanced and rounded performances. The women take us right to the heart of darkness that is the core of this blisteringly destructive relationship. This is acting that burns itself into the memory, that creates its own utterly convincing reality and allows you to share these two lives, however uncomfortable that may be."
Victor Hallett - Theatre in Wales

The Beauty Queen of Leenane

By Martin McDonagh
Directed by Michael Cabot
Design by Kerry Bradley
Lighting by Joe Vose
Costumes by Katja Krzesinska
Photography: Sheila Burnett

Paul Boyle, Carole Dance, Alan DeVally and Alice Selwyn (September – November 2009).
Carole Dance, Alan DeVally, Steve Dineen and Alice Selwyn (November 2009).
Alan DeVally, Brendan Fleming, Paddy Glynn and Connie Walker (February – April 2010).

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