The Importance of Being Earnest Reviews

“London Classic Theatre’s production of Oscar Wilde’s wittiest play is a delight. The comic timing is spot on, with Wilde’s epigrams registering immediately with a bemused audience. Harry Livingstone’s Algernon is full of himself and very much a pleasure seeker. Paul Sandys as Jack Worthing is small in stature and speaks in a clipped fashion, adding to the comedy. Carmen Rodriguez as the imperious Lady Bracknell is perfect for the part. With a pared-down set, this does not look like a tired period piece, but is a thoroughly enjoyable and polished production.”
Colette Sheridan – Irish Examiner

“One of the world’s most popular plays is given a light and zesty production in London Classic Theatre’s visiting production at the Everyman this week. There was a full house on MacCurtain Street to enjoy the frothy flair of Oscar Wilde at his best.”
Liam Heylin – Cork Evening Echo

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