In 2015, London Classic Theatre celebrated fifteen years on tour. We originally launched as a touring company in April 2000, our production of David Mamet’s Oleanna opening in the 130-seat studio at Harrow Arts Centre.

It has been a fascinating journey. Since that first appearance, we have performed to over 450,000 people at more than 200 theatres and arts centres around the UK and Ireland. Our aim, expressed in our original mission statement, has always been to produce challenging, accessible drama for audiences in London and the regions. To offer our work to venues of all scales and sizes, from arts centres and studio spaces to Number One and repertory theatres. To build and maintain relationships with these venues, and most importantly, to produce theatre of the highest quality. At the very start, we had no contacts in the regions at all. We have never received any funding or sponsorship for our work. Often we have pulled through a given year, or production, literally by the skin of our teeth. But year by year, things have progressed and the number of the venues booking our work has increased.

As well as presenting a range of popular, modern classic drama with productions such as Equus, Entertaining Mr Sloane and Abigail’s Party, we have staged new translations of two 18th Century comedies, The Game of Love and Chance and The Double Inconstancy by Marivaux. We have also been delighted to produce two UK premières, Hugh Leonard’s Love in the Title and Joanna Murray-Smith’s Nightfall. Our fifteenth anniversary season and busiest year to date, featured tours of Alan Ayckbourn’s Absent Friends and Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot.

2015 presented us with a significant milestone and an opportunity to look back on past achievements. It was also a time to appreciate the continued support of the theatres who book us and the work of the many talented, committed individuals who have contributed to the adventure. As we look to the future with enthusiasm and confidence, without question, the biggest thanks of all should go to our audience, many of whom have supported us loyally through the last fifteen years and certainly without whom we would not have come this far. We look forward to seeing you in 2017 and beyond.

Artistic Director

Michael Cabot is the Artistic Director and founder of LCT.

He studied Drama at University College Swansea and trained on the Directing Course at Drama Studio London.

Michael has directed all 35 LCT productions since our debut with Andorra at the New End, Hampstead in 1993. He has overseen LCT's transition from the London Fringe in the late 1990s, to its current position as one of the UK’s leading touring companies.

Core Company
LCT's core company is a vital part of who we are. We are very lucky that many of the fine actors we have worked with return to us for subsequent tours.

Their hard work and commitment have underpinned LCT's journey over the last sixteen years.
Carole DanceJonathan AshleyKathryn RitchiePaul SandysJulie HaleSteve DineenCatherine HarveyPeter CaddenHelen PhillipsNicholas GassonPauline WhitakerJohn DorneyPaula JenningsJamie MatthewmanAbby LeamonBenjamin WarrenAlice SelwynKevin DruryAnna KirkeRichard Stemp
1993 - 2017

Since our debut on the London Fringe in 1993 the following individuals, actors, writers, designers, composers, translators, lighting designers and production staff have all contributed to the company's success:

Stuart Angell, Clair Archbold, Jonathan Ashley, Anthony Austin, David Baldwin, Lizzie Bardwell, Helen Barford, Amalia de Barros, Ian Bass, Matthew Bates, Richard Bates, Jason Baughan, Amy Bayless, Martyn Bearfoot, Harry Bell, Jeff Bellamy, Betty Benjamin, Gareth Bennett-Ryan, Torben Betts, Ross Bibby, Zoe Blackford, Paul Boyle, Kerry Bradley, Helen Braunholtz, Apple Brook, Mark Brown, Jeryl Burgess, Sheila Burnett, Lisa Burrows, Geraldine Bunzl, Emma Butler, Danielle Bygraves, Peter Cadden, David Callister, Mark Cameron, Ana-Louisa de Cavila, Lucy Christy, Steven Clarke, Vanessa Clarke, Min Clifford, Jens Cole, Pete Collis, Ashley Cook, Jonathan Coote, Claire Cunliffe, Holly Curtis, Carole Dance, Chloe Davidson, Heather Davies, Alan DeVally, Steve Dineen, Hasan Dixon, John Dorney, Brian Douglas, Andy Dowbiggin, Aidan Downing, Jackie Drew, Kevin Drury, Antonio Elliot, Susie Emmett, Jackie Everett, Valeria Fabbri, Ian Farmery, Candice Fisher, Laura Fitzpatrick, Brendan Fleming, Peter Foster, John Fryer, Annemarie Gaillard, Nicholas Gasson, Sue Gibbs, Alexander Giles, Catherine Gill, Chris Gilling, Paddy Glynn, Andy Grange, Paul Green, Saeni Greene, Julie Hale, Fiona Hankey, Catherine Harvey, Lara Hazell, Richard Heap, Lisa Milne Henderson, Tony Heywood, Lisa Hickey, Martina Hildebrandt, Jane Hillier, Guy Hoare, Rachael Holmes-Brown, James Horne, Felicity Houlbrooke, Megan Huish, Marie í Dali, Frank Ilfman, Malcolm James, Madeleine Jebson, Paula Jennings, Helen Johns, Daniel Jordan, Michael Keane, Helen Keeley, Cheryl Kennedy, Simon Kenny, Jasmine Kershaw, Adam Kimmel, Anna Kirke, Katja Krzesinska, Georgina Landau, Abby Leamon, Alix Lencz, Manda Levin, Claire Lichie, Tracy-Anne Liles, Harry Livingstone, Matt Lloyd, Andrew Loudon, Imogen Lucy, Andrew MacDonald, Chris MacDonnell, Lucy Machin, Fiz Marcus, Jasmin Marr, Tracy Maskell, Jamie Matthewman, Marie McCarthy, Fiona McCulloch, Brian McDiarmid, Michael McGrath, Ged McKenna, Taraneh Meen, Fred Meller, Pamela Merrick, Sebastian Michael, David Micklem, Richard Miller, Grace Mitchell, Juliet Moore, Adrian Morris, Caroline Morris, Philippa Mumford, Ben Nathan, Madlena Nedeva, Christopher Patrick Nolan, Matthew North, Maggie O'Brien, Laoisha O'Callaghan, Marianne O'Connor, Richard Oldham, Amanda Osborne, Bek Palmer, Judith Paris, Matthew Pattimore, James Perkins, Chris Perryman, Helen Phillips, Suzannah Pilcher, Patrick Poletti, Ruth Posner, Rebecca Pownall, Claire Price, Alexander Rickard, Alison Rigby, Kathryn Ritchie, Declan Rodgers, Carmen Rodriguez, Joy Roston, Claire Sanderson, Paul Sandys, Diederick Santer, Robert Schofield, Robin Sebastian, Alice Selwyn, Ben Sherratt, Jackie Skarvellis, Sarah Slee, Victoria Smart, Kris Snaddon, Amanda St John, Amy Starling, Richard Stemp, Jacqueline Stirling, Summer Strallen, Stuart Stocks, Josie Taylor, James Thompson, Carolyn Tomkinson, Moray Treadwell, Karen Trott, Conrad Turner, Harry Vendryes, David Verrey, Joe Vose, Jonathan Waite, Connie Walker, Benjamin Warren, Hannah Warren, Lee Warren, Joanna Waters, Karen Webber, Timothy Weekes, Pauline Whitaker, Kate Wilcock, Imogen Wilde, Yasmin Wilde, Claire Wille, Annemarie Williams, Giles Williams, Charlotte Willis, Julia Wills, Martin Wimbush, Joanna Woodbridge, Viva Wright, Anna Wynnyczuk, Anna Ziman and Sonja Zobel.

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